JAM SOFTWARE Ultrasearch Professional - Single License - Win - With - 1 Year Maintenance

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Ultrasearch JAM SOFTWARE Ultrasearch Professional - Single License - Win - With - 1 Year Maintenance
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Ultra fast. Ultra easy. UltraSearch.
Improve your workflow with our ultra fast solution for convenient file search. Our must-have Windows Search alternative reduces your waiting time to an absolute minimum as UltraSearch Professional shows you the first results while you are still typing.Take advantage as you search for files not only on hard disks but also on network drives, USB flash drives and SD-cards.


Ultra fast and efficient search·
  • First results already while entering a search pattern.·
  • Search for files and folders across multiple drives.·
  • Search for contents in text, Word or PDF documents and many more.·
  • Search for Office files, documents, music or videos using own file groups with different file extension.
Simple search patterns
  • Intuitive search syntax allows the use of place holders and regular expressions.
  • Simple linking of search term using 'AND' or 'OR' expressions.·
  • Keywords allowing search for file contents, file groups and file extensions.
Comfortable use and quick access
  • Clearly arranged and intuitive user interface.·
  • Automatic integration into the notification area at system startup via the autostart function.
  • Always ready to use via global hot key.
  • Start UltraSearch Professional from the context menu of your Windows Explorer.
Full network support·
  • Simultaneous searching through local hard disks, network drives, USB flash devices and SD cards.
  • Support of search in Windows domains and Windows servers.
  • Search and find very quick: The simple user interface provides fast and easy access, Windows integration and offers excellent performance for your file search-quicky.
  • Highly customizable file search: With the efficient search syntax you can optimize your search results to find your files even faster.Look through all drives:
  • UltraSearch Professional allows you to find files not only on local hard disks but also on your network drives, USB flash drives and SD-cards.Various export possibilities:
  • Export of results as Excel, PDF, HTML, Text or CSV file. Or copy of all file names, file paths or the complete result list to clipboard.
  • User friendly: Intuitive and clearly arranged user interface for easy and comfortable use
  • Real time search: Get the first results while you are still typing.
  • Optimized search: UltraSearch looks inside file content and  supports regular expressions.
  • Compatible with all Windows versions currently supported by Microsoft


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