ADESSO Wkb-3150ub Wireless Ergonomic Trackballkeyboard

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Wkb-3150ub ADESSO Wkb-3150ub Wireless Ergonomic Trackballkeyboard
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Adesso® Tru-Form Media 3150 - Wireless Ergo Mini Trackball Keyboard offers users a keyboard with an ergonomic design, built-in trackball for easy and comfortable browsing, multifuctional features and a wireless range of up to 30 feet. The WKB-3150UB is designed with the split key zones and sloped shape to make typing feel natural and effortless. The WKB-3150UB puts your hands, wrists, and forearms in their natural positions for maximum comfort and long use periods. The built in trackball not only enhances your web browsing experience by enhancing navigating precision, but also can be removed for occasional maintenance and cleaning.

Couleur Black
Rétro-éclairage No
Souris incluse No
Connexion Wireless (RF)
Langue US
Clavier numérique Yes
Disposition QWERTY
Lecteur d'empreinte digitale No


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