NETGEAR Def Drive Retention Cat4 3 Years

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Def NETGEAR Def Drive Retention Cat4 3 Years
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Defective Drive Retention Service
Ensuring customer’s data confidentiality is the highest priority for NETGEAR. When a storage drive becomes defective, the NETGEAR Defective Drive Retention (“DDR”) service allows business customers to retain possession of the drive thus giving them total control over the sensitive and confidential data that are stored within it.
Under the terms and conditions of NETGEAR limited warranty policy, when a defective unit is returned to NETGEAR, the returned unit becomes the property of NETGEAR. With the DDR service, however, the customer is allowed to keep the defective unit after returning a signed certified form with a copy of the drive label.

3 année(s)
"Pick-up & return"
- RD52xxxx, RN322xxx, RN422xxx, RN12Pxxxx, RN12Sxxxx, RN12Txxxx