CISCO SYSTEMS Cisco Asa 5500 Series - Ssl Vpn 25-user License (asa5500-ssl-25=)

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Cisco CISCO SYSTEMS Cisco Asa 5500 Series - Ssl Vpn 25-user License (asa5500-ssl-25=)
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Delivering Safe, Secure, and Flexible Remote Access to Any Location

Today's remote-access VPN deployments require the ability to safely and easily extend corporate network access beyond managed desktops to different users devices, while protecting these endpoints and key corporate resources from ever-evolving threats.

Secure Remote Access, powered by the Cisco ® ASA 5500 Series SSL/IPsec VPN Edition enables organizations to securely and seamlessly provide resources access to a broad array of users, contractors, and business partners on the largest variety of mobile and fixed endpoints.

Supporting a wide range of deployment and application environments, the ASA 5500 Series delivers maximum value to your organization with the most comprehensive set of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and IP security (IPsec) VPN features, performance, and scalability in the industry. The solution, comprised of a single unified platform: the ASA 5500 series and the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, enables organizations to use a powerful combination of seamless controlled access and market-proven, best-of-breed firewall, intrusion prevention inspection and web threat prevention that enables mobile workers to be productive while protecting corporate interests. With inclusive support for unrestricted full-network access, as well as controlled access to select web-based applications and network resources, the platform provides the flexibility required by any VPN deployment.

Industry-Leading Secure Mobility Technology for Your Organization

The ASA 5500 series VPN Edition offers the growing list of AnyConnect industry-leading Secure Mobility features and the simplicity and ubiquity of clientless secure access. The ASA - AnyConnect Secure Mobility solution is easy to deploy and simple to use. Its client and clientless options respond securely and dynamically to today's wide array of fixed and mobile endpoint requirements by offering granular access controls and robust endpoint security. As a result, it maintains the integrity of confidential information to solve the unique challenges associated with diverse user groups and endpoints accessing the enterprise network. The AnyConnect Secure Mobility solution also offers integrated web security protection via the AnyConnect client. By seamlessly redirecting select traffic to either an on-premise appliance, or to a cloud-based service for off-VPN web traffic protection, the AnyConnect client provides consistent policy and security without having to backhaul public Internet-bound traffic.

Quantité de licences 25 licence(s)
Plateforme ASA 5500
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