JAM SOFTWARE Exchange Server Toolbox - For - Upto 10 Mailboxes With 12 Months Maintenance

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Exchange JAM SOFTWARE Exchange Server Toolbox - For - Upto 10 Mailboxes With 12 Months Maintenance
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Exchange Server Toolbox - Spam Filter, Virus Scanner, E-mail Backup and Rules Engine

The Exchange Server Toolbox enhances the Microsoft Exchange Server with security relevant functions for processing all e-mails that come in via the SMTP service of the Exchange Server.

Take advantage of the integrated SpamAssassin and filter unsolicited e-mail. The spam filter uses a broad range of spam recognition techniques like blacklists, whitelists, Bayes filters, blacklist servers, statistical filters as well as a the option of manually training desired (ham) and undesired (spam) e-mails.

The also provided ClamAV anti-virus scanner examines incoming e-mail for viruses. An already installed virus scanner may be used alternatively.
Having a spam and virus detection rate of over 99%, the Exchange Server Toolbox works very efficiently. Thus, your inbox remains reliably protected from undesired e-mails.

Backup all your outgoing and incoming e-mails automatically. This is a great and easy way to fulfill the requirements of law about archiving your electronic business correspondence (e.g. in Germany).

A powerful set of rules allows mail processing similar to Microsoft Outlook: regular expressions help you to react accordingly to different mail content, you may establish your very own rules for dealing with spam, or pass the e-mail for further processing to any external program.


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