EPSON C710 - Color Coupon Printer - USB / Ethernet

Redcorp# 1925J959 Article# C31CA91021
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Redcorp# 1925J959 Article# C31CA91021
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C710 EPSON C710 - Color Coupon Printer - USB / Ethernet
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The Epson TM-C710 enables you to increase your revenue and your customers' loyalty with full-colour coupon campaigns. By printing colour coupons on demand, at the time of transaction, the TM-C710 allows you to better reach your customers with truly targeted promotions and special offers.

The amazing quality of coupons produced by the TM-C710 make it a powerful direct-marketing tool for communicating with consumers more effectively. This could include special events, future promotion campaigns, loyalty programs benefits and VIP sales, increasing the potential for capturing new customers and generating more in-store traffic.

The TM-C710's high-quality colour printing easily differentiates the coupons from receipts. By maximising promotion visibility, coupon redemption rates are increased, driving repeat business and developing customer loyalty. Printing on demand also allows you to tailor your special offers, promotions or messaging to each customer, for a fully personalised approach.

All this is achieved with the TM-C710 - a unique colour coupon printer with a compact design for easy installation at the till point.

To ensure your customers are served quickly, the TM-C710 prints an average-sized 20cm coupon in around two seconds, making the transaction process fast and without constraint And, as with any Epson POS printer, it is simple and easy to use, enabling till operators to replace ink and paper in just seconds.

It's economical too - the high-capacity cartridges deliver an equally high volume of coupons, while the 'smart cartridge management' system ensures every drop of ink is used up, keeping the total cost of ownership low.

- Full-colour prints: Improve visibility and redemption
- Print-on-demand: Targeted promotions and offers
- Economical: High-volume coupon printing
- Fast and efficient: High-quality coupons in seconds
- Compact design: Save on space at the till-point

Spécifications Générales
Type d'imprimante InkJet
Modèle TM-C710
Technologie d'impression Inkjet
Impression en couleur Yes
Qualité D'impression / Vitesse
Résolution Couleur 720 x 360 DPI
Dimensions / Poids / Garantie
Largeur 140 mm (5.51 inches)
Hauteur 222 mm (8.74 inches)
Profondeur 210 mm (8.27 inches)
Poids 5.2 kg (11.46 lb)
Ethernet Yes


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