Hewlett-Packard Enterprise USB Virtual Media Interface Adapter 1-pk

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USB Hewlett-Packard Enterprise USB Virtual Media Interface Adapter 1-pk
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The new HP Server Console Switch with Virtual Media eases the management of your datacenter. The HP Server Console Switch with Virtual Media provides local access to a variety of devices inside the datacenter using HP's proven Cat5 technology and intelligent Interface Adapters to improve cabling and airflow, and allows for cascading up to three levels. Up to 2 local keyboards, mice, and monitors can be connected to the switch allowing two administrators to work on attached devices simultaneously. The switchable USB pass-through allows connection of USB devices for performing software upgrades or installations when used with Virtual Media Interface Adapters. When used with the HP TFT7600 RKM or the HP 1U Rackmount Keyboard with USB theses switches provide a fast and convenient method of updating servers by easily attaching a USB mass storage device directly to the USB pass-through on the front of the keyboard.

Increased distances between the console switches and interface adapters allow for more flexible configurations including three level tiering. Can be tiered under HP IP Console Switches with Virtual Media to provide remote access and remote virtual media.

Supports c-Class BladeSystems with the new interface adapter. USB connectivity provides easier cable management and flexibility in consoles. Local USB pass-through provides an easy method of updating and installing firmware, applications, and operating systems directly to attached servers. Firmware updates for the switch can now be accomplished over the LAN.

The new PS2 Interface Adapter provides the most comprehensive virtual media capabilities on many servers, both old and new. The new USB 2.0 Interface Adapter provides virtual media capabilities on servers that do not support PS2 mouse and keyboards. KVM functions work with all existing HP Cat5 based PS2, USB, and Serial Interface Adapters.

Local security prevents unauthorized access.

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