APC Sun Bracket Set For Rackmount Keyboard Monitor Mouse

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Sun APC Sun Bracket Set For Rackmount Keyboard Monitor Mouse
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Total Cost of Ownership

Occupies 1U of rack space
Conserve valuable rack space in the data center.

Allows for rear mounting of 1U device
Easily mount a KVM switch in the same rack space.

15", 17" TFT active matrix screen
Provides high quality, flicker-free display.

Integrated Touchpad Pointing Device
Eliminates the need for a separate, external mouse.

Power tilt sensor
Save power by automatically powering down the device when it is closed.

PS/2 terminations
Connect to a server or KVM switch via standard PS/2 connectors.

Standard VGA connector
Connects to a server or KVM switch via a standard VGA connector.

Low cooling requirements
Emits less heat than comparable CRT monitors.


Slide rails
Quickly and easily install in square, round, and threaded hole racks.

Quick release tabs
Insert or remove the device with ease.

On-Screen Display (OSD) adjustments
Adjust the on-screen image, including: auto adjust, exit, power on/off, brightness, menu, and a power indicator.

Cable management arm
Prevent interference with surrounding devices by organizing multiple cables.

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