APC Privacy Panel - Symmetra Px & Symmetra Rx Frame

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Privacy APC Privacy Panel - Symmetra Px & Symmetra Rx Frame
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Hot aisle containment for high-density configurations.

Cable access brush strip:
- Blocks air from escaping through holes surrounding cabling.
Ceiling tiles:
- Closes off the top of the hot aisle to prevent warm air from mixing with room air.

One-way locking door
- Secures the hot aisle while allowing for quick exit in case of emergency.
Scaleable densities:
- Scalable densities allows for higher density cooling to be achieved by integrating the Hot-aisle Containment System with in-row architecture.
Modular design:
- Modular design provides scalable solutions to add cooling as demand increases.

Total Cost of Ownership
Expansion kit:
Expands the hot aisle by one rack space on both sides to accommodate growth.

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