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LEXMARK Warranty Extended Onsite Repair Renewal 1 Year For Mx710

Redcorp# 0862J447 Article# 2355112
Redcorp# 0862J447 Article# 2355112
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Warranty LEXMARK Warranty Extended Onsite Repair Renewal 1 Year For Mx710
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When you become a Lexmark customer, we do everything we can to ensure a long-term partnership

We offer a rich suite of support programs to keep your Lexmark solutions-and the teams that use them-working at peak efficiency. We make sure you have a good experience as long as you are a Lexmark customer.

We know customer support is crucial to your success. We help you leverage your Lexmark solution to improve business operations and maximize productivity. This means building on our knowledge of your business needs. By the time your solutions are in place, we have a solid grasp of the complexities you deal with daily. We then create a customer support program to address your challenges.

Lexmark Customer Support Service delivers fast problem resolution and intelligently adapted programs to keep work flowing without interruption, smoothly and efficiently. From basic service coverage to comprehensive support, our wide range of plans give you choices for meeting the specific demands of your output environment and reducing costly downtime.

Number of years1 year(s)
Next Business Day (NBD)Yes
Service time (days x hours)5x12
Phone supportYes
On-site supportYes
CompatibilityMX710de, MX710dhe