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You can connect to your Windows Desktop with any device even with a browser & internet to access your familiar Windows 10 environment running on Virtual Desktops. This supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives for companies. This also enables you to run your traditional Windows applications on Mac devices. Leverage the power of cloud computing!


Why spend money on purchasing expensive computer hardware which will go obsolete within a short period of time? Our powerful virtual desktops have upgradeable specs which can be adjusted according to your growing requirements. Need more CPU, Memory or disk space? Consider it done in minutes. Virtual desktop packages have a fixed pricing per user and no additional surprise! You can have a predictable IT budget.

If you’re an organization already having on-premise RDP facilities for staff, our cloud solution would reduce your local data center capex plus utility bills etc.


Creating new Virtual Desktops or restoring to previous state is a matter of minutes. Virtual desktops are very fast and powerful, you don’t waste time waiting for your computer to respond. You will never lose your work or time when your computer equipment fails. Even if you lose internet connection, or your work, all can be resumed.

For IT departments, virtual desktops allow you to create new workstations faster with the ability to restore within minutes. Since virtual desktops are powerful & very fast, you don’t have to waste time waiting for your computer to respond.


Virtual Desktop environments are always secured with latest OS updates, anti-virus and automated backups bundled together with monitoring services. We partner with Microsoft to securely host your data fulfilling all security and compliance requirements. Your virtual desktops would be hosted only in regional data centers close to your location. You will always have the ownership of your data & ability to get a local copy of data on request.

Additionally any loss of private equipment would not cause loss of company data since data is not stored in user equipment.


The Solution

Virtual Desktop by Redcorp

The Virtual Desktop comes with the full Office 365 suite and 1TB of shareable storage per user. Your other software (your favorite internet browser, Adobe Acrobat, accounting packages, specific software for your business...) will of course be installed in your Virtual Desktop. You basically transpose your local experience into the cloud, so your environment becomes completely mobile, secure and available 24/7 from any device.

The power needed to run your software is now in the Virtual Desktop where the software is always up to date, who is monitored and whose power can be increased in a few clicks. In additional, template based on installation can ensure that all users in the same company or department have a uniform setup.


Are you an IT Manager

What if you could

Save time, cut costs, modernize your company’s IT, and easily migrate on-premises servers to the cloud.


As an IT Manager


What keeps you awake at night?

  • Finding time to support employees at work and still getting your job done.
  • Meeting storage and security demands on a limited IT budget.
  • Moving your business beyond paper files and on-premises servers.

Are you an Executive Manager

What if you could

Ensure company data is always secure as your business grows and scales-with less IT overhead


As an Executive Manager


What keeps you awake at night?

  • Finding new ways to improve productivity at work.
  • Keeping compliant with changing industry requirements.
  • Juggling the demands of employees with diverse needs and workstyles.

The Choice

Virtual Desktop by Redcorp offers you multiple packages solutions

Virtual Desktops comes bundled with Microsoft Windows 10, Office 365 & 1TB shared storage!

Virtual Desktop speed (Upgradeable) Desktop P51 Desktop P72 Desktop Px3
Personal hard drive (Upgradeable) 30GB 60GB 125GB
Storage type SSD SSD SSD
Office 365 (Word, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Teams, SharePoint,..) v v v
1 TB shared cloud storage v v v
Run personal Windows applications v v v
Anti Virus, Anti Spam & Firewall v v v
Automatic Backups4 v v v
Auto-Resume work v v v
Support for any device (lncluding iOS/Android) v v v
System Monitoring5 v v v
Helpdesk support6 Limited Limited Included
Migration existing data to Office 365 Optional Optional Optional
Application Migration support Optional Optional Optional
PRICE PER USER/MONTH7 55 € 69 € 95 €

1 You need the classic power of a computer for office computing.

2 You need more power to run one of the more demanding applications.

3 You are using several processor-intensive applications.

4 Full protection of your Virtual Desktop data. Optional: Full protection of your Office 365 data.

5 Monitoring includes periodic system health checks on the WVD infrastructure & proactive system maintenance.

6 Helpdesk includes support via email/phone requests related to WVD.

7 Pricing is for a minimum of 10 Virtual Desktops. Please contact us to discuss any special needs.

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