BROTHER Tape 12mm Lami Black On Yellow 4m (tze-631s)

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Tape BROTHER Tape 12mm Lami Black On Yellow 4m (tze-631s)
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This black on yellow 4m x 12mm tape is for use with our PTH105, PT2030, PTD400, PTD600, PT2730 and PTP700, PTP750W, PTE100VP, PTE300VP, PTE550WVP label makers.
Our TZe tapes can be used to label far more than just stationery and containers. Due to their unique laminated design, these labels can withstand abrasion, chemicals, water, hot and cold temperatures, and harsh light.
Unlike many consumer labels, Brother labels can be used outside, in the freezer, in the dishwasher and in the garden. They're also the most hygienic label on the market - they can be used in labs and hospitals as well.


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