HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte Paper 1067mmx30.5m

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Redcorp# 11644478 Article# Q6628A
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Super HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte Paper 1067mmx30.5m
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HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte Paper is a best-in-class graphics display media that delivers superior image quality and ripple-free printing. It maximises productivity with application versatility, instant dry time and great laminate compatibility.

  • Printing material brightness: 91% per TAPPI T-452 Test Method
  • Rolls Dimensions:  1067 mm x 30.5 m
  • Printing Material Dry Time:  Instant dry (@ 23°C, 50% RH)
  • Media Finish: Matte
  • Printing Material Gloss Level: Matte per ASTM D-523 Test Method
  • Printing Material Lamination:  Excellent compatibility with thermal, heat assist and pressure sensitive film laminates.
  • Lightfastness (Indoor Commercial Window) Dye Ink: Indoor use away from heavy sunlight
  • Lightfastness (Indoor Commercial Window) UV Ink: Greater than 1 year
  • Lightfastness (Indoor Home or Office) Dye Ink: Less than or equal to 6 months, lamination recommended.
  • Lightfastness (Indoor Home or Office) UV Ink: For long term indoor graphics (greater than 124 years).
  • Opacity: 98% per TAPPI T-425 Test Method
  • Printing Material Thickness: 10.2 mil/260 microns per ISO 534 Test Method
  • Printing material waterfastness: Excellent waterfastness when printed with UV ink. Lamination recommended with dye inks.
  • Printing material weight: 210 g/m² per ISO 536 Test Method
  • Whiteness: 130 per CIE Ganz 82 Test Method
  • Mounting capability: Ideal paper for any mounting application


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