EATON CORPORATION Kit Easy Battery+ Web EB001

Redcorp# N4836265 Article# EB001WEB
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Redcorp# N4836265 Article# EB001WEB
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Kit EATON CORPORATION Kit Easy Battery+ Web EB001
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+32 2 558 30 00

Digital battery voucher: Eaton 5130 2500/3000 2U Eaton 5PX 3000 2U Evolution S 3000 2U Eaton EX 2200 2U/3000 2U Pulsar M 2200 2U/3000 2U

This is a service product which is offering Eaton final customers a complete batteries tray to exchange their batteries. The whole batteries exchange process will be therefore much quicker and safer than swapping batteries one by one.

Aantal licenties1 licentie(s)
Service includedOnderdelen
Reparaties ter plaatseJa
Onderdelen vervangenJa
Compatibiliteit5SC 3000 RT, 5PX 3000 2U, 5130 2500 RT2U/3000 RT2U, Evolution S 2500/3000 2U, 2200 2U, 3000 2U


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