ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES Internal Zebranet Printserver II (10base T)

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Internal ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES Internal Zebranet Printserver II (10base T)
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Important Message to PrintServer II Customers
Zebra Technologies is focused on delivering high-quality products and services. We have determined a potential anomaly on a Zebra ZebraNet PrintServer II Ethernet connectivity device (PSII). This anomaly can sporadically result in a character being dropped or missing from a print job. To ensure our printers deliver optimum reliability in performance, we are issuing a mandatory firmware upgrade notice for the affected PSII product.

The firmware upgrade is required for any printer with either an internal or external PrintServer II. It is not required for units with a ZebraNet 10/100 Print Server. If you are not sure whether you have a printer with a PSII installed, a complete listing of affected products is noted in the right hand column.

All printers with a PrintServer II should be upgraded with new PrintServer II firmware. The firmware is provided free of charge, and is located on Zebra’s Web site www.zebra.com under “Drivers and Downloads.” Easy-to-use instructions are provided, and the download only takes a few minutes. The corrected version of PSII firmware is Version 7.05.

If you are unable to upgrade your PrintServer II firmware immediately, then the affected printer should be placed out of service or a visual inspection of each print job is recommended until the firmware upgrade is completed.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. Zebra remains committed to providing you with solutions and services of the highest quality.

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