SEH Printserver Internal Intercon Ps112 For Citizen 10baset/100basetx

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Printserver SEH Printserver Internal Intercon Ps112 For Citizen 10baset/100basetx
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The PS112 is an Ethernet network interface card for the line thermal printer series Citizen CT-S300, CT-S310, CT-S2000, CT-S4000, the line thermal kiosk units PPU-700, and the impact dot matrix printer series Citizen CD-S500. It supports 10BaseT and 100BaseTX Ethernet networks (RJ45 connector), and easily installs into the available slot.

PS112 is the first of its kind to attach these highly specialized Citizen printers to IPv6-based networks.

For all common operating networks: Windows, Apple, Novell, Linux.

Security: Encryption, Authentication, Acces Control, and more!

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- TCP/IP DHCP, BootP, ARP, IPv4, IPv6, IPv6 / TCP, IPv6 / ICMP, IPv6 / FTP, IPv6 / FTPs, IPv6 / TFTP, IPv6 / HTTP, HTTPs, IPv6 / SSL, TLS, TCP, IPv6 / Raw TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, FTP, FTPs, TFTP, LPD, HTTP, HTTPs, ZeroConf, DNS, SLP, SNMPv1, SNTP, SMTP, POP3, SSL/TLS, IPPv1.0, IPPv1.1, Raw TCP, Apple Bonjour - AppleTalk (EtherTalk/TokenTalk) AARP, RTMP, ADSP, ATP, NBP, ZIP, ATSP, PAP, DDP, BCP1, BCP2, TBCP - NetWare IPX, SPX, SPX2, SAP, SNAP, NCP, NCP Burst Mode, NDS, NDPS,PureIP, RIP, Bindery, R/N Printer - Windows SMB/CIFS (NetBIOS over TCP/IP), WINS
Windows, Apple, Novell, Linux
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