CISCO SYSTEMS Dsp Module 256-channel

Redcorp# 0918P382 Article# PVDM4-256++=
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Redcorp# 0918P382 Article# PVDM4-256++=
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Dsp CISCO SYSTEMS Dsp Module 256-channel
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The pvdm4 modules are supported on the cisco 4451-x platform. you can plug them directly into the single slot on the router motherboard or onto the network interface module (nim) that supports t1/e1 ports. enhanced dsp architecture accommodates a new packet-processing engine optimized for rich-media voice applications, while concurrently supporting the time-division multiplexing ip (tdm-ip) voice framework. a pvdm4 module plugged onto the motherboard delivers ip-based voice services such as conferencing, media optimization, and transcoding. a pvdm4 module plugged onto the nim daughter card would be used for voice t1/e1 connectivity.all the pvdm4 modules have the same form factor and are field-upgradable to allow you to easily scale your voice deployments.


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