CISCO SYSTEMS Cisco Firepower 2130 Ngfw Appliance 1u 1 X Netmod Bay

Redcorp# 0918N750 Article# FPR2130-NGFW-K9
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Redcorp# 0918N750 Article# FPR2130-NGFW-K9
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Cisco CISCO SYSTEMS Cisco Firepower 2130 Ngfw Appliance 1u 1 X Netmod Bay
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superior business resiliency and protection gain business resiliency through superior security with sustained performance. the firepower 2100 series has an innovative dual multicore cpu architecture that optimizes firewall, cryptographic, and threat inspection functions simultaneously. now, achieving security doesn't come at the expense of network performance.

features and benefits
threat-focused ngfw improve business resiliency and maintain performance with superior threat defense. apply granular application control. protect against malware. shrink time to detection and remediation. reduce complexity with the on-device management interface.

optimized performance and port density firewall throughput speeds from 2 gbps to 8.5 gbps. support for sixteen (16) 1 ge ports on the low-end models. the high-end models support up to twenty-four (24) 1 ge ports or up to twelve (12) 10 ge ports. all in a 1ru form factor.

innovative architecture with its unique dual-cpu, multicore architecture, the 2100 maintains throughput performance when threat inspection is activated by routing different workloads to different chips. and enabling the threat protection features does not affect the firewall throughput.

integration adds value further strengthen your defenses. share intelligence, context, and policy controls by integration with third-party and other cisco security solutions. enable automatic device quarantining and rapid threat containment with cisco ise.

management to meet your needs cisco firepower ngfw is now even less time-consuming to configure and less costly to manage. you can choose from local, centralized, and cloud-based managers that fit your environment and the way you work.


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