D-LINK Network Management Software D-view V6.0 - Standard

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Network D-LINK Network Management Software D-view V6.0 - Standard
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D-View 6.0 SNMP Network Management System is a comprehensive standards-based management tool designed to centrally manage critical network characteristics such as availability, reliability, resilience and security in a consistent way. Flexible and versatile, this software accommodates a wide range of D-Link devices. D-View provides useful tools to allow network administrators to effectively manage device configurations, fault tolerance, performance and security.

Modular Architecture

D-View 6.0 is organized into a vendor-independent platform and user plug-in modules. The platform consists of several main components, namely the Domain Manager, NetMap Manager, Topology Generator, Batch Configuration, MIB utilities, Net Toolbox and Performance Monitor. The components can be loaded or unloaded according to the users' need. Plug-in modules are for the D-Link devices that the administrators want to manage. When a device is selected for management, D-View 6.0 will look for that device's plug-in module and display its image on the screen.

Topology Map & Network Devices Discovery

Users can create a topology map to graphically represent planned or existing networks to aid network design, and also D-View 6.0 will periodically poll network devices to monitor the status. Users can further customize their diagrams with selected icons and bitmap files used for the background. When a topology map is opened, D-View 6.0 will discover the devices connected on the network and display their icons on the map. D-View 6.0 can recognize SNMP enabled devices and also distinguish the device's type. The protocols used in polling for device discovery are SNMP and ICMP. For remote network devices, D-View 6.0 acts as a trap receiver, collects traps sent by the devices and notifies network administrators immediately.

Third-Party Device Management

Users can also manage non-D-Link devices that do not have plug-in modules. D-View 6.0 provides a MIB compiler for users to compile MIB files supplied by the vendors of these devices into a system recognizable format. After compilation, D-View 6.0 loads them into the database. The compiler can communicate with these devices, enabling the administrator to get the values currently stored in the devices or to set new values for specific MIB objects. All MIBs are converted into a graphic tree view, with which the administrator can use the MIB Browser to manage the devices. As non-D-Link devices do not have plug-in modules for installation in D-View 6.0, this software can simulate the device panels to create user interface graphics.

Integration with D-Link's End-to-End Security (E2ES) Solutions*

D-Link has innovated comprehensive security solutions aimed to provide end-to-end threat containment and security protection solutions. It consists of three major components, namely the Gateway Security, the End-point Security and Joint Security. D-View 6.0 seamlessly integrates these security components scattered among different solutions into a single platform to provide users with a unified interface to manage D-Link network devices.

Traps & Configurations

D-View 6.0's Trap Editor provides user with the capability to edit trap descriptions, import third parties' trap definitions and configure trap notifications via mail and sound. D-View 6.0 also provides simultaneous backup configurations, batch configurations and the capability to enable specific functions for LAN switches.

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