CISCO SYSTEMS Linksys Quickvpn - For Wrv54g 50 Client License

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Linksys CISCO SYSTEMS Linksys Quickvpn - For Wrv54g 50 Client License
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Linksys QuickVPN is a unique combination of software for your PC and intelligence embedded in special Linksys routers to make the usually complex VPN connection process quick and easy. VPN "tunnels" create secure links between traveling or off-site users and your home or small office network. Unfortunately, creating these secure connections can be somewhat confusing.
To get started with QuickVPN, you simply enter your authorized users into the router's list. The router natively supports up to five users -- with this firmware upgrade and license, that number expands to fifty. After your users are registered with the router, the QuickVPN client software works with the VPN connectivity of Windows 2000 or XP to easily establish the tunnels -- the traveling user only needs his username, password, and the address of the router.
QuickVPN lets your off-site workers spend their time getting work done, not hassling with their connection settings.


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