CISCO SYSTEMS Advanced Security Feature Pack - For Cisco 1841 Router

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Advanced CISCO SYSTEMS Advanced Security Feature Pack - For Cisco 1841 Router
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To date, every release of Cisco IOS Software feature sets for the Cisco 1700 Series modular access routers and Cisco 1800 Series (Modular) ISRs have been made available as spare parts. A Cisco IOS Software spare part is shipped as a single image on CD-ROM or other removable media. They are purchased by end customers upgrading from the base feature set and by Cisco partners staging configuration of routers.
Cisco has migrated to a model where a Cisco IOS Software spare part CD-ROM includes all current releases of the feature set. This CD-ROM will be referred to as a Cisco IOS Feature Pack and has been created for many feature sets. Customers only need to specify platform and feature set when ordering a Cisco IOS Feature Pack. It will no longer be necessary to specify a particular release.
The contents of the Cisco IOS feature packs will be updated quarterly and will include the latest maintenance releases from mainline release trains, T-trains, and special releases.
Note that purchase of a Cisco IOS Feature Pack includes an entitlement to deploy any release of the selected feature set, not only those included on the CD-ROM. If the desired release is not included on the CD-ROM, it can be downloaded from or it can be obtained from your Cisco partner or customer service representative.
Also, note that only the most commonly deployed feature sets will be sold as Cisco IOS feature packs. Other feature sets remain available as traditional spare parts.

The Cisco IOS Feature Pack consists of two deliverables:
- A software entitlement document

Ordering a Cisco IOS Feature Pack requires knowledge of the desired router platform and desired feature set. There is no need to specify a particular Cisco IOS Software release, the CD-ROM will include the most recent Cisco IOS releases.

The software entitlement document is a written record of the right to operate the feature set and should be maintained in a safe place.

The CD-ROM provides several releases of the feature set, along the following guidelines:

- The latest maintenance releases from the following mainline release trains (12.2, and or where applicable 12.3).

- The latest T-train Cisco IOS releases and special Cisco IOS releases, where applicable.

The number of IOS releases on a Cisco IOS Feature Pack will vary depending on the chosen feature set and platform. Newer feature sets or platforms will initially only have one or two IOS releases on the CD-ROM. Discontinued feature sets will only see additions from mainline trains.

The CD-ROM contents are updated by Cisco on a quarterly basis. If the desired release is not included on the CD-ROM, customers with a valid SMARTnet® support contract can download it from Customers without SMARTnet contract can obtain the desired release from the Cisco partner or customer services representative.

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