BROTHER Stamp Creator 2000 USB

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Stamp BROTHER Stamp Creator 2000 USB
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Everyone knows that stamps help people get through practically every job faster and easier. It's just that fast and simple thanks to the Brother SC-2000USB. With this innovative system, virtually anything you can put on a computer monitor, you can put on a custom designed, professional pre-inked stamp. Text, graphics, signatures, logos, photos... with SC-2000USB's proprietary 600 dpi technology, anything is possible and everything is reproducible.
The SC-2000USB is an ideal bonus profit opportunity for anyone in printing, stationery, photo developing, copying or other stamp-related businesses. And best of all, your virtually risk-less investment in a SC-2000USB can actually be recouped after only about 400 stamp sales. After that, everything will be clear profit. The SC-2000USB is a totally new way to make stamps...and profit!

What's Included
  • Bonus CD-ROM
  • Stamp editor/Stamp express/ Printer driver
  • 5 stamps
  • Draft set for first 150 stamp creation
  • Printing head cleaning pen
  • Stamp correction pen
  • Instruction manual
  • Create a pre-inked stamp in just 3 minutes
  • 600dpi resulution
  • Stamp implession will last for 50,000 (With proper re-inking)
  • More than 150 stamp templates
  • Uses all true type fonts in your system
  • Graphic importation
    • Mac (BMP, TIF, JPG, PICT)
  • Connectivity: USB port
  • 3-step stamp design software, Stamp express included
  • No messy liquid inside, Envirnmentary safe and clean


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