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Mitsubishi Cp 9600 Dw - Printer - Inkjet -6r - USB

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Cp Mitsubishi Cp 9600 Dw - Printer - Inkjet -6r - USB
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CP9600DW is 600DPI resolution sublimation printer, design similair to model CP-9550DW. Printer is equipped with fast interface USB 2.0, all photo print sizes are available (9x13), 10x15, 13x18, 15x20, 15x21, 15x23 cm for instant digital prints. Max. resolution 3736 x 5462 dots (onto print size 15x23) predetermines this printer to professional area (like wedding photos, etc.), where are maximal requirements for quality, resolution of small details. To make the most of this printer means to use high resolution digital camera (high resolution images) with output mainly on bigger print sizes. New feature Mitsubishi Adaptive Thermal Head Management (MAM) provides precise color reproduction and equal saturation of colors to any additional print copy, from this reason even print speed is slower to ensure sharp fine details.

Print method Thermosublimation printing on papers CK9046, CK9057, CK9069    ...  16.7 mill. colors
Resolution 600 DPI, thermal head 23,6 dots / mm
Print sizes / printing speed (600 DPI) format 10x15 (CK9046 - 4x6")    2458 x 3736 pixels
format 13x18 (CK9057 - 5x7")    3144 x 4256 pixels   
format 15x20 (CK9069 - 6x9")    3736 x 4846 pixels   
format 15x23 (CK9069 - 6x9")    3736 x 5462 pixels
format 10x15       152x102 mm / 57 sec  ( 23 sec using resolution 300DPI)
format 13x18       127x178 mm / 88 sec  ( 34 sec using resolution 300DPI)
format 15x20       152x203 mm / 100 sec  ( 37 sec using resolution 300DPI)
format 15x21       152x203 mm / 105 sec  ( 39 sec using resolution 300DPI)
format 15x23       152x229 mm / 111 sec  ( 41 sec using resolution 300DPI)
Memory    2 x 32 MB SDRAM
Drivers WIN 2000/XP and Mac OS 10.3.3 and higher.
Interfaces USB 2.0
Operat. conditions  5 to + 400 C,relat. humidity 30-80%,  flat surface +- 50 to the horizontal 
Power requirements 120/220V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption    app. 0,3A standby, 1,6A during printing
Dimensions (WxHxD) 300 x 325 x 365 mm
Weight 17 kg