Redcorp# 1010E331 Article# 4024430
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Redcorp# 1010E331 Article# 4024430
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NetScaler CITRIX NetScaler SD-WAN WANOP 2 Mbps
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This edition includes WAN Optimization features, only. It supports application acceleration, data reduction, and protocol control to optimize applications across the WAN. WANOP includes the ability to decrypt HDX traffic secured by Transport Layer Security (TLS), thus providing visibility into the ICA protocol even in the case of end-to-end encryption between the VDA and the Citrix Workspace app. Optionally, it can include virtual Windows Server to simplify branch infrastructure, and a software client for Windows devices (WANOP plug-in).

Features & Benefits
  • Application Control
    • Detection, classification, and acceleration of over 4,500 SaaS, cloud,and virtual applications and sub applications.
    • The best application experience through real-time, packet-based path selection and bi-directional QoS.
    • The highest network resiliency through sub-second failover.
    • Deployment on any public cloud or in conjunction with SaaS applications
  • Dynamic Routing
    • Inserts services into networks easily through either inline or edge routed modes
    • Zone-based segmentation segregates users and traffic, while maintaining policies specific to each group.
    • Optionally, next-generation firewall capabilities can be added as a VNF (virtualized network function) on select SD—WAN appliances.
    • Strong encryption using HTTPS/TLS and AES 256 provides security across the control and data planes.
    • The creation of highly available IPsec tunnels can be automated from the branch to Zscaler Secure Internet Gateway or Palo Alto etworks Prisma Access to simplify operations.
  • Enterprise-Grade Access On-ramp to Cloud/SaaS
    • Turnkey service that deploys in minutes, centrally managed with real-time visibility.
    • Intelligently load balances and QoS optimizes up to four Internet links into redundant carrier-grade pointsof-presence (PoPs), with “hit-less” failover.
    • “Hit-less” failover mitigates internet circuit outages and even those difficult- to-detect brown-out conditions without disrupting any applications: CRM,ERP, UCaaS, virtual desktop sessions, and more.
    • PoPs are interconnected via a high-speed, fully redundant global IP network, and directly peered to over 1,000 SaaS platforms and 150 major network and cloud exchanges.
  • WAN Optimization
    • TCP optimization, compression, data deduplication,and protocol optimization further help improve application experience while reducing bandwidth expenses.
    • Provides an alternative to the legacy edge router, enabling a simpler branch network with lower infrastructure and support costs.
    • Creates multiple software-defined network overlays and applies separate policies and security rules to each.
  • Virtualized WAN
    • Bonds diverse network links, including MPLS, broadband, and 4G/LTE.
    • Monitors latency, jitter, congestion and loss in real time and performs intelligent load balancing to match applications to optimal WAN links.
    • Uses selective packet replication for real-time and other latency-sensitive applications to ensure consistent experience.
  • Integrated, Automated Security
    • A built-in, application-aware stateful firewall integrates with application QoS to allow centrallydefined security policies to limit or reject application traffic.
    • Integrated comprehensive edge security stack with enterprise firewall, intrusion prevention, URL filtering, anti-malware and SSL  inspection to enable secure direct Internet access from branches to data centers and SaaS.


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