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Epson Plq-20m Msrw Version 480cps 24pins 240x 360dpi USB

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The Epson PLQ-20M adds speed and versatility to printing in the banking and public administration sectors. Built to last, it handles high volumes of passbooks, visas, tickets and other documents with ease. It’s also compact and connectable, with the flexibility to match your unique IT and space requirements.
Whether printing passbooks, passports, tickets or visas, you need a printer that is fast and reliable. The Epson Epson PLQ-20Mavailable with a magnetic stripe reader/writer(MSRW).
Algemene Specificaties
Printer type Dot Matrix
Model Epson PLQ-20
Print technologie 24 pin Impact dot matrix
Print kleur N/A
Print Kwaliteit / Snelheid
Speed mono 480/432cps at 10/12cpi
Printtalen / Fonts / Streepjescode
Karaktertabel PR2: 50 tables, ESC/P: 43 tables
Operatie / Volume / Certificaten
MTBF 7 million lines/10,000 (POH)
Geluidsniveau 53dB(A) (without MSRW), 55dB(A) (with MSRW)
Stroomvoorziening AC 220 to 240 V
Stroomverbruik Approx. 60W, Approx. 8W in sleep mode, 0W in powered off mode
Afmetingen / Gewicht / Garantie
Breedte 384mm
Hoogte 203mm
Diepte 280mm
Gewicht 7.7 Kg
Serie- Yes
Parallel Yes



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