WATCHGUARD Xtm 26/26w - Webblocker - 1 Year license Only

Redcorp# 84574375 Article# WG019326
Redcorp# 84574375 Article# WG019326
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Xtm WATCHGUARD Xtm 26/26w - Webblocker - 1 Year license Only
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WatchGuard offers six security subscriptions for its next-generation XTM appliance family so businesses can layer on protection where they need it most. Subscriptions can be purchased individually or bundled together for even greater savings.


URL and content filtering are indispensable for controlling access to sites that host objectionable material or pose network security risks. These include known spyware and phishing sites.

- Use 54 web site categories to block inappropriate sites.
- Enable access by user, group, domain, and need for maximum flexibility.

Licentie termijn (jaren)1 jaar
Compatibele productenXTM 26/26W


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