JAM SOFTWARE Serversentinel - Enterprise Edition - Maintenance For 60 Months

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Serversentinel JAM SOFTWARE Serversentinel - Enterprise Edition - Maintenance For 60 Months
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ServerSentinel ensures highly reliable monitoring of your systems with a variety of easily configurable sensors. You can easily configure them on the server or you can use Remote Client to access ServerSentinel from your workplace without the need to log on the server via remote desktop.

3 Steps to IT System Monitoring

ServerSentinel enables versatile and reliable monitoring of your server and network services as well as of local resources. The software processes data collected by various sensors and uses rule-based alerts to inform you on failures or irregularities. Analyze the stored data and make sure to prevent future system failure.

1. Define Use Cases
What do you want to monitor? Networks, servers or the availability of your web shop?
2. Set up Sensors
Select and configure your sensors. We offer a variety of flexible sensors to support your use cases.
3. Choose Actions
Do you prefer a warning message or immediate interaction between systems? Choose actions and define your rules.

Detailed Features
Discover the ServerSentinel Sensors
What is a sensor and what is it for?

Sensors are monitoring elements that ServerSentinel uses to detect changes, events or certain signals sent by your IT system. ServerSentinel sensors measure available hard disk space, temperature in your server room, the CPU load etc. and respond accordingly.

Full variety of different sensors to choose from

ServerSentinel offers a wide, extensible array of configurable sensors. These sensors are grouped into the following categories.

Email Sensors
  • IMAP, SMTP and POP3 Sensor
  • The IMAP Sensor checks the proper function of IMAP services, the SMTP Sensor checks if an SMTP service is available and works properly and the POP3 Sensor frequently checks a POP3 account.
Mail Flow Sensor
  • The Mail Flow Sensor checks email submission, transport, and delivery by sending a test email.
Harddisk Sensors

Directory Sensor (Windows/Linux)
  • With the help of the Directory Sensor you can monitor local as well as distant folders and their properties of a Windows or Linux system.
Disk Space Sensor (Windows/Linux)
  • The Diskspace Sensor monitors the storage of drives on a Windows or Linux system.
File Audit Sensor
  • The File Audit Sensor is able to monitor the security event log of local and remote computers to notify you when files or directories are accessed.
File Sensor (Windows/Linux)
  • The File Sensor can monitor a single file on a Windows or Linux system.
File System Sensor
  • The File System Sensor monitors changes to files or sub directories in a directory.
S.M.A.R.T. Sensor
  • The S.M.A.R.T. Sensor monitors the status of local and remote hard drives.
Network/Internet Sensors

DNS Sensor
  • The DNS Sensor checks entries on a DNS server.
FTP Sensor
  • The FTP Sensor monitors files and directories on a FTP server.
HTTP Sensor
  • The HTTP Sensor can monitor a specified website. It can be used to check the availability or the performance of the website.
Ping Sensor
  • The Ping-Sensor allows you to perform frequent echo pings.
SNMP Request Sensor
  • The SNMP Request Sensor can query random network devices, supported by SNMP e.g. computers, printers, switches or systems for uninterruptible power supply.
SNMP Trap Sensor
  • The  SNMP Trap Sensor can receive traps, sent from another network device over port 162. Traps are messages sent from many network devices to announce certain warnings or problems.
Syslog Sensor
  • The Syslog Sensor can receive syslog messages, sent from the same or other network devices. Syslog messages are sent to announce certain warnings or problems or to log status reports, events or diagnostics.
TCP Sensor
  • The TCP Sensor checks the connection to a host on a specific port.
Operating System Sensors

Performance Counter Sensor
  • The Performance Counter Sensor monitors performance qualities on the local system or a remote host with the Windows Performance Counter.
Process Sensor (Windows/Linux)
  • The Process Sensor allows you to monitor processes on a remote or local Windows or Linux system.
Service Sensor
  • The Service Sensor allows to monitor a Windows service.
System Load Sensor (Windows/Linux)
  • With the System Load Sensor the CPU, disk load and also the available memory of the local or a remote Windows or Linux system can be monitored.
Windows Event Log Sensor
  • The Windows Event Log Sensor is able to monitor event logs of local and remote computers and to notify you when new events occur.
WMI Sensor
  • The WMI Sensor performs custom WMI queries on the local or remote system.
  • USB Temperature/Humidity Sensor
  • The USB Temperature/Humidity Sensor can monitor the temperature (in °C) and the humidity (in relative humidity, RH) in a room.
  • USB Contact Sensor
  • The USB Contact Sensor monitors devices with a hardware sensor.
Misc Sensors

Database Sensor
  • With the Database Sensor it is possible to connect to a database to frequently perform queries on a table or to execute a stored procedure.
PowerShell Sensor
  • The PowerShell Sensor allows you to execute a PowerShell script on a target host.
Script Sensor
  • With the Script Sensor you can launch a process (EXE/BAT/PS1/VBS) and gather its output.
SpeedFan Sensor
  • The SpeedFan Sensor can monitor the temperature of CPU cores, hard disks or fan speeds in conjunction with the free tool SpeedFan.
SSH Sensor
  • The SSH Sensor allows you to execute Bash scripts on an unix based target host via SSH.
XML Sensor
  • The XML Sensor reads values from an XML file using XPath (XML Path Language).
See also:

Hardware Sensors
  • ServerSentinel is compatible with a variety of hardware sensors.
Which is the Right Edition for You?

We offer you our smart monitoring solution ServerSentinel in an Enterprise and a Small Business Edition. One registered copy of the software may be installed on a single server.

Email Sensors:
IMAP Sensor Yes Yes
Mail Flow Sensor Yes Yes
POP3 Sensor Yes Yes
SMTP Sensor Yes Yes
Windows Hard Disk Sensors:
Disk Space Sensor Yes Yes
File Sensor Yes Yes
File System Sensor Yes Yes
Directory Sensor Yes Yes
S.M.A.R.T. Sensor Yes Yes
File Audit Sensor No Yes
Linux Hard Disk Sensors
Disk Space Sensor No Yes
File Sensor No Yes
Directory Sensor No Yes
Network Sensors
DNS Sensor Yes Yes
FTP Sensor Yes Yes
HTTP Sensor Yes Yes
Ping Sensor Yes Yes
SNMP Request Sensor No Yes
SNMP Trap Sensor No Yes
TCP Sensor Yes Yes
Syslog Sensor Yes Yes
Windows Operating System
Performance Counter Sensor Yes Yes
Process Sensor Yes Yes
Service Sensor Yes Yes
System Load Sensor Yes Yes
Windows Event Log Sensor Yes Yes
WMI Sensor No Yes
Linux Operating System
Process Sensor No Yes
System Load Sensor No Yes
USB Sensors
USB Contact Sensor Yes Yes
USB Humidity/Temperature Sensor Yes Yes
USB Temperature Sensor Yes Yes
Misc Sensors
Database Sensor Yes Yes
PowerShell Sensor No Yes
Sript Sensor No Yes
SSH Sensor No Yes
SpeedFan Sensor Yes Yes
XML Sensor Yes Yes


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