LENOVO ThinkCentre SFF 8.2L Dust Shield

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ThinkCentre LENOVO ThinkCentre SFF 8.2L Dust Shield
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ThinkCentre SFF 8.2L Dust Shield helps to extend the life of your ThinkCentre SFF by protecting it from dust, dirty and other foreign objects that can get inside your ThinkCentre device, reducing its performance and overall life. Ensure your device is clean and running at peak performance with the ThinkCentre SFF 8.2L Dust Shield.


Color Business Black
Weight 0.036 KG
Brand Lenovo
Packed Weight 0.2 kg
Package Type Brown Box
Packed Dimensions (L x D x H) 416 mm x 167 mm x 42 mm
Height 7.1 mm
Length 336 mm
Depth 58 mm


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