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SOCKET Charging Dock - For 800 Series Scanners - Samsung S7

Redcorp# 51602673 Article# AC4125-1792
Redcorp# 51602673 Article# AC4125-1792
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Charging SOCKET Charging Dock - For 800 Series Scanners - Samsung S7
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Socket mobile's duracase™ is a one-handed solution, combining both the samsung s7 and 800 series attachable scanner. the 800 series is your mobile device's attachable scanning tool while the duracase is a safeguard for both phone and scanner. without compromising the convenience of your s7, the duracase fits like a rubberized glove, coupling your scanner and samsung phone into one. the scanner and mobile device even charge simultaneously with the charging dock (included in packaging). featuring ram® intelliskin™ with gds technology, duracase is designed for on-the-go workforces requiring handheld mobile devices. duracase helps prevent scratches and bacteria from tainting your phone and scanner.

a stumble wouldn't hold you down, and with the duracase, a fumble isn't about to stop your devices from getting the job done.