XEROX iXware-DID Fax Number, 1 Year + 500 Credits

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iXware-DID XEROX iXware-DID Fax Number, 1 Year + 500 Credits
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The iXware Online Fax Service is a smart, global, cloud fax service which combines the convenience of electronic fax with walk-up fax integration to your Xerox MFP, creating a single, comprehensive fax solution.

Companies increasingly need to incorporate fax traffic into digital workflows and processes. Faxing remains an important, often mission-critical, means of communication. Its importance is in no way diminishing.

Key Challenges:

- Compliance: Xerox and iXware can "close the leak" in the audit trail for fax traffic, helping organisations achieve compliance with Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, Basel II, EU Directives, ISO requirements, local legislation, etc.
- Cost savings: Important examples are productivity gains (printing, waiting in line for the fax, waiting for the delivery report, etc.), consolidation of telephone lines (no lines required while at the same time getting greater capacity) and depreciation and maintenance of conventional fax equipment
- Case files: Availability of accurate and up-to-date files is important to any organisation. In some industries it's mission critical. Lawyers, accountants, notaries, insurance companies and realtors are just a few examples.
- Efficiency: Through integration of iXware with Xerox MFPs, e-mail applications, archiving solutions and business applications such as ERP and CRM, sending and receiving a fax effectively and efficiently becomes part of the business processes.
- Transparency: Centralisation and digitisation creates uniformity of process as well as transparency of fax traffic.
- Archiving: Paper archives are cumbersome, costly and ineffective. A digital archive is infinitely more practical, reliable, secure and cost effective. iXware digitises fax traffic, making it part of the digital workflow and the digital archive.
- Carbon Footprint: iXware helps reduce a company's carbon footprint by making conventional fax equipment - and associated energy consumption and waste - redundant. With fax to email, the number of fax messages actually printed is reduced. Faxes which do need printing can be printed on both sides of the paper.

  • Type : Xerox iXware-DID
  • Duration : 1year
  • Qnt : 500 Credits


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