SAMSUNG Samsung E-fota On Mdm - 2 Year

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Samsung SAMSUNG Samsung E-fota On Mdm - 2 Year
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Enterprise Firmware Over the Air for Business
Take complete control of your fleet and ensure your corporate devices always have the right firmware and software.

Enterprise firmware over-the-air (E-FOTA) updates give you complete control. You can schedule updates to your organization’s devices, so they always have the right firmware and software. With E-FOTA your team’s devices are always compatible with your company’s solutions and every device stays a secure one.

Selectively Update Firmware
Specify an OS firmware version to deploy with Samsung E-FOTA. Without this service, firmware-over-the-air updates are either blocked, or only allowed for upgrades to the latest version.

No User Interaction Needed
Update device OS versions without interrupting your team and ensure all employee devices consistently run the same OS version.

Schedule Updates
Efficiently manage your device fleet with the ability to schedule OS updates during non-business hours across all devices at once.

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