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Crystal PANASONIC Crystal Licence For Projector
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ET-SWA100 Early Warning Software monitors projectors connected to an intranet and informs you when an abnormality is detected or predicted, and when there are symptoms of trouble.
It can also record the operating conditions of each projector and, based on the operating hours, it can predict and tell you approximately when consumable parts will be required, regular periodic cleaning will be necessary, and non-consumable parts will need to be replaced.

Advance Notice of Required Maintenance.
It makes it easier to plan for maintenance by knowing beforehand the approximate time that consumables and maintenance parts will need to be replaced and serviced.

Trouble Prediction Detection.
By taking care of the problem in advance, it can be resolved before trouble occurs.

Quick Response When Problems Occur.
When a problem occurs, data will tell you what the problem is, greatly reducing the time necessary to restore the projector, and lowering downtime and costs.

The ET-SWA100 monitor screen displays items such as the projector status and maintenance schedule in a gauge format.
This makes it easy to understand at a glance. Projectors can also be displayed by group in a list format, to simplify the monitoring and management of multiple units.

You can also check the status of projectors monitored by ET-SWA100 Early Warning Software through a web browser. Without having to physically go to the monitoring server, you can check the projector status from your PC or tablet. Also, if a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is configured, monitoring is possible from outside the intranet. You can easily check the projector status from a remote location, greatly speeding up troubleshooting.

Furthermore, you can link from the Early Warning Software monitoring screen to a web browser control screen to manage each projector remotely. This allows extremely smooth operation of various operations, from checking the projector's status to actually operating the projector.

When ET-SWA100 Early Warning Software detects or predicts a failure, an e-mail notification is automatically sent to a predetermined e-mail address using SMTP protocol. SNMP protocol can also be used to notify an SNMP Manager application. It can also be linked to existing monitoring software to back-up comprehensive system administration.

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Téléchargement électronique de logiciel
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1 année(s)
Configuration minimale du système
2048 Mo
Intel Core 2 Duo
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Internet Explorer 8.0/9.0/10.0
80 Go
Windows 7/8 32/64 bit


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