MICROSOFT Small Business Server 2000 Doc Kit - 1 User - Win - French

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Small MICROSOFT Small Business Server 2000 Doc Kit - 1 User - Win - French
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Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 is the 3rd generation release of the full-featured network solution designed to help businesses with up to 50 PCs take advantage of the Internet, strengthen customer relationships and improve employee productivity. Delivering standard versions of the .NET enterprise servers to small business and providing the agility to compete in today's new economy, Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 delivers the highly reliable and manageable Microsoft Windows 2000 Server network operating system, plus Windows 2000 server-based solutions for e-mail, fax, database, and secure, shared Internet access all in one solution for an exceptional value. All of this powerful technology is integrated to enable a single, unified setup and centralized management across all of the component applications, setting new standards for ease of installation, use, and administration.


Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
Network operating system providing file, print, Web, application and management services.  

Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server
Messaging and collaboration server delivers anytime, anywhere access to the people and information you want.  

Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000
Extensible firewall with Web cache server and policy-based security, acceleration and management of shared Internet connections.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Fast, reliable relational database management server and engine for running a multitude of business software solutions.  

Microsoft Shared Fax Service
Sends and receives faxes and provides support for fax boards and ISDN cards, fax-over IP and broadcast fax support.  

Microsoft Shared Modem Service
Enables client machines to use modems shared on Small Business Server to connect to external information services.  

Microsoft Health Monitor 2.1
Sends server status and advance warning of potential problems.  

Microsoft FrontPage 2000
The Microsoft Office Web site creation and management tool.  

Microsoft Outlook 2000
The Microsoft Office e-mail and personal information manager.

Take Advantage of the Power of the Internet 

  • Secure, shared Internet access: Provide company-wide Internet access that's fast and secure with Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000. 
  • Mobile connection: Access your network remotely from any device that's hooked up to the Internet, using a secure virtual private network (VPN). 
  • Web services: Build, stage and/or host your own Internet presence using Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) 5.0, giving customers all-hours access to your business. 
Manage and Grow Customer Relationships 
  • Customer communication: Keep in touch with current customers through direct, personalized e-mail, and reach new customers with automated e-mail or fax mailings. 
  • Customer management: Track customers with a shared contact database using Microsoft Outlook 2000 and Exchange 2000 Server public folders. 
Enhance Employee Productivity and Efficiency 
  • File, print and application sharing: Enable your employees to easily share files, computer equipment and business applications on the secure, reliable Windows 2000 platform. 
  • Messaging and collaboration: Use Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server and Outlook 2000 to streamline communications by enabling employees to send and receive e-mail and faxes, schedule meetings, and hold real-time Internet meetings from their desktops. 
  • Line-of-Business Applications: Run your business more effectively with one of the thousands of available business applications that are compatible with Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and/or Exchange 2000 Server. 
Predictable, Efficient Setup 
Completely utilizes Windows 2000 Server installation and provides integrated setup across all server applications, and even the clients. Graduated deployment capabilities allow technology providers to control what is installed, exposing customers to the wealth of functionality in Small Business Server 2000 at a pace with which they are comfortable. 

Proactive, Offsite Support
Provides centralized management across all server applications, with locked down access for worry-free control. For ongoing maintenance of the server, technology providers can receive e-mails or faxes with status reports and snapshots of server operations and advanced warnings of potential problems. Windows 2000 Terminal Services enables remote administration of the server from any location with an Internet connection. 

Rich Platform for Value Added
Solutions Technology providers can integrate any one of the thousands of ISV applications available for Windows 2000 Server, SQL Server and/or Exchange Server. In addition, the components in Small Business Server offer a rich set of applications upon which technology providers can build or implement value added applications and solutions for small business customers.


  • Pentium II 300 megahertz (MHz) or higher processor; Pentium III 500 MHz recommended
  • 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM; 256 MB recommended
  • 4 gigabytes (GB) of available hard-disk space; two mirrored 4-GB hard disks recommended
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 3.5" high-density disk drive (must be configured as drive A)
  • Super VGA, 256-color monitor and video adapter (800 x 600 or higher resolution)
  • To use the Fax Service, you must have a dedicated Class 1 fax modem and at least one other modem to be shared for other server services such as Remote Access Service, proxy dial-up, and modem sharing
  • Ethernet network interface card from the Windows 2000 Hardware Compatibility List.


  • Personal computer with a Pentium 90-MHz or higher processor
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Windows NT Workstation version 4.0, Windows 98, or Windows 95 operating system
  • 32 MB of RAM; 64 MB recommended
  • 300 MB of available hard-disk space
  • 3.5" high density disk drive
  • VGA or higher-resolution monitor and video adapter
  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
  • Ethernet network interface card compatible with the desktop operating system
  • If you will be accessing your server using Dial-Up Networking, a modem is required

Requirements will vary based on your system configuration and the applications and features you choose to install.


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