JOHN GALT Forecastx Wizard

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Forecastx JOHN GALT Forecastx Wizard
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For fast and accurateforecasts use the ForecastX Wizard. ForecastX Wizard forecasting software helpsdefine your business forecasting processes by seamlessly combining businessrules, such as trends and seasonality, with statistical forecasting. Advancedreporting options in this forecasting software make tracking adjustments andreviewing results simple. One-step statistical forecasting with expert selectionmakes sales forecasting, demand forecasting, or even collaborative forecastingeasy in any supply chain management and or planning environment.
  • Work directly in Excel for increased efficiency and analytical power
  • Spend valuable time defining your sales forecast instead of formatting your data
  • See where your promotional plan stacks up against best-case and worst-case scenarios
  • Perform profitability analysis with your events and promotions
  • Plan successful new product launches
  • Involve business partners to improve the overall collaborative forecasting process and accuracy
  • Full integration with Microsoft Excel
  • No data preparation required
  • One step statistical forecasting with expert selection
  • Unlimited Batch Forecasting
  • Promotional modeling with worst-case, best-case scenarios
  • Advanced scenario management for what-if analysis
  • Customized audit trail reports
  • Track changes and adjustments within charts and reports
  • Report Bursting for advanced data management


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