QUANTUM Sci80 Support Plan Gold

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Sci80 QUANTUM Sci80 Support Plan Gold
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Standard Service and Support Plans

Quantum's StorageCare® Global Services offer a number of Advanced Services that allow you to customize your support and integration plan to achieve just the right amount of coverage.

Our Service plans are designed to keep your data safe, protecting it even before issues arise

With growing volumes of information, increased security restrictions, and the huge impact that inaccessible or lost data can have on your resources, it's important to have a comprehensive solution in place to manage it all.

Quantum offers plans designed to fit your unique needs in more than 180 countries, 24/7 online and multilingual phone support, and proactive monitoring through StorageCare® Guardian. You'll also get access to online self-service, which allows you to log and track your service calls in real time.

Quantum SSC18-LS00