LENOVO 4 Years Keep Your Drive Add On (5PS0Q11739)

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4 LENOVO 4 Years Keep Your Drive Add On (5PS0Q11739)
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This add on service must match the length of warranty. If the warranty term is shorter than the length of this add on service you will need to purchase a warranty extension with this add on service.

Full Contract Period 4 years
Service & Support Defective HDD/SSD retention - 4 years
Compatibility Information
Designed For Lenovo ThinkStation P300 30AG, 30AH, 30AJ, 30AK ¦ Lenovo ThinkStation P310 30AS, 30AT, 30AU, 30AV ¦ Lenovo ThinkStation P320 30BG, 30BH, 30BJ, 30BK, 30BR, 30BS, 30C1, 30C2, 30C3 ¦ Lenovo ThinkStation P330 30C5, 30C6, 30C7, 30C8, 30C9, 30CA, 30CE, 30CF, 30CG ¦ Lenovo ThinkStation P330 (2nd Gen) 30CY, 30D1


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