CISCO SYSTEMS Cisco Smartnet 8x5xnbd For Cisco 857

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Cisco CISCO SYSTEMS Cisco Smartnet 8x5xnbd For Cisco 857
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SMARTnet provides enhancement and maintenance support resources during the operational lifetime of your Cisco networking device. SMARTnet augments the resources of your operations staff; it provides them with access to a wealth of expertise, both on line and via telephone, the ability to refresh their system software at will, and a range of hardware advance replacement options. The value of any networking device can be reduced to two simple criteria: availability and performance. As networks have become the backbone of business, the importance of these two factors has increased dramatically. And you are now responsible not only for keeping that network up and running at a reasonable and predictable cost but also increasing productivity throughout the company, increasing the quality of services delivered to your customers. SMARTnet provides remote support and onsite parts service, augmenting your staff's ability to maintain and operate your device, and ensuring that your device performs at its highest possible levels of performance and longevity.

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Compatibilité Cisco CISCO857


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