ADOBE VIP Illustrator For Teams - Renewal - Level 1 - Commercial

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Illustrator ADOBE VIP Illustrator For Teams - Renewal - Level 1 - Commercial
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Adobe Illustrator CC lets you create vector-based graphics for print, web, video, and mobile. The application supports both Windows and MacOS.

  • New Creative Cloud Libraries capabilities : Find content faster by searching across your libraries and across Adobe Stock. Import color swatches and color groups, save color themes from libraries to swatches and get support for paragraph styles, as well as deeper support for character styles.
  • Shaper tool : Draw shapes with loose, natural gestures that transform into perfect geometric shapes. Then combine, delete, fill and transform these shapes to create beautiful, complex designs that stay fully editable. The Shaper tool works with the traditional Illustrator workspaces as well as the Touch workspace.
  • New Live Shapes: Ellipses, Polygons and Lines : More of the Illustrator Shape tools are now fully live, interactive and dynamically adjustable, so you can quickly craft vector shapes without having to apply effects or use other tools.
  • Dynamic Symbols : Symbols can now share a master shape but be modified to have different appearances such as stroke, fill and opacity. Scale, rotate, mirror and skew them without having to break the link to the parent symbol.
  • Work more visually with Smart Guides : Enhanced Smart Guides let you perfectly align and space objects as you draw and move them, and new hinting helps you draw perfect shapes like squares and circles without using control keys.
  • New SVG export option : Easily export modern SVG - ideal for web and screen design workflows. You can choose to export individual objects versus the entire artboard.
  • Touch workspace updates : The Touch workspace for Windows tablets adds the Shaper tool, new Live shapes, enhanced Smart Guides, an option to easily zoom when using a mouse and support for HP Sprout.
  • Adobe Capture CC integration : Use an iPad, iPhone or Android phone to turn any image into a production-ready asset. Extract a color theme or create a brush, shape or vector graphic, and then save the asset to your Creative Cloud Libraries to use in Illustrator.
  • Illustrator Draw for Android : Create freeform vector designs on your Android phone with the Adobe Illustrator Draw app, and then send your work to Illustrator on your desktop to refine it further.
  • Enhanced Comp CC integration, plus iPhone support : Now you can use Adobe Comp CC to explore layout possibilities on your iPhone as well as your iPad. Assets in Comp can be linked so that when you edit them in Illustrator or another Creative Cloud desktop app, they'll instantly update in Comp.
  • And so much more : Also includes: Better GPU performance thanks to enhanced anti-aliasing and crisper thin strokes; improved data recovery; and much more.


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