UBIQUITI NETWORKS 10gbps Sfp+ 2xlc Mm 850nm 300m - 2 Pack (uf-mm-10g)

Redcorp# N3302271 Article# UF-MM-10G
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Redcorp# N3302271 Article# UF-MM-10G
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10gbps UBIQUITI NETWORKS 10gbps Sfp+ 2xlc Mm 850nm 300m - 2 Pack (uf-mm-10g)
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sfp/sfp+ modules and cabling ubiquiti networks offers a variety of u fiber™ modules and single-mode fiber cabling for your new installs and existing infrastructure upgrades. outdoor fiber installations for long-distance runs of 300+ meters, use u fiber 1g or 10g single-mode modules and bidi models for maximum reuse of existing infrastructure. for shorter runs, use u fiber 1g or 10g multi-mode modules for reduced cost.

fiber modules u fiber™ modules are available as single-mode or multi-mode models to suit your fiber connectivity applications.

fiber cable

use single-mode lc fibercable™ to build your outdoor fiber network. lightweight and flexible, fibercable is ideal for tower installs of our outdoor routing and switching products, such as edgepoint™ devices. available in 100, 200, and 300 ft lengths.


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