MITSUBISHI Cp-w5000dw - Printer - Inkjet - S8r - Black

Redcorp# 10422676 Article# 446280
Redcorp# 10422676 Article# 446280
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Cp-w5000dw MITSUBISHI Cp-w5000dw - Printer - Inkjet - S8r - Black
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Mitsubishi Electric's rich technological strengths and hardware expertise bring a new, fully featured compact double-sided printer, 8" dúplex printer.

A printing workhorse on a desktop which allows you to offer new added value and profitable services to your business as double sided fotobooks, calendars (wall and desktop), greetings cards and any product which needs to be printed by both print sides. No need special additional process & labour for cutting and sticking the both print sides as traditional technologies.

While being compact, the CP-W5000DW offers speed, large paper capacity an multiple print sizes. It comes with Mitsubishi Electric's one-of-a-kind paper path switching method, never before seen in a small-size duplex machine.

  • Double-sided/ Single-sided printing
  • High speed printing
  • Large paper capacity
  • Easy Paper Loading
  • Multiple print sizes
  • High quality print
  • Compact Printer
Printing Method Dye sublimation thermal transfer line print 3-color faces progressive printing (yellow, magenta, and cyan) and surface lamination
Print options Double-sided/Single-sided printing
Weight 29kg (64.0lb.)
Dimensions 0,18 square meters
Print formats Large formats up to 8x12" (20x30)
Photo Finishing Matte/Glossy
Print Capacity    up to 250 (dual-sided)* 8x12 sheets
Print Speed (approx.)    74.5s
Consumables    CK5000 and PK5812
Power Consumption    100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Resolution    300 x 300 dpi


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