EPSON Labelworks Lw-k400 - Label Maker - Qwerty Continental

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Labelworks EPSON Labelworks Lw-k400 - Label Maker - Qwerty Continental
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Easy text-entry

A bright LCD screen and built-in keyboard makes text entry easy in any lighting conditions. Extra large fonts are available, though text can also be automatically tailored to fit the desired size of label.

Faster label-making

Using the built-in manual cutter, the Cut & Print feature prints the next label in a pre-set series when it detects that the user has cut the previous label, saving time. The LW-K400 also has a built-in internal memory, so previous projects can be quickly recalled. The LW-K400 is our standard model, which comes with an AC adapter. It is also available as the LW-K400L, without an AC adapter, and the LW-K400VP, which comes with AC adapter, hard carry case and a soft protective sleeve. Batteries not included. How could Epson improve on its previous bestselling range of handheld label makers? The answer arrives with the LW-K400, a lightweight device with a built-in keyboard and productivity features galore. Extra-large fonts, new symbols and upgraded templates make labels easier and more economical for offices and retailers, electricians, AV installers, and warehouse and asset managers.

Less wastage

Less wastage Longer tapes of up to nine metres mean a low total cost of ownership, while margins can now be cut to one millimetre, significantly reducing tape wastage.

More choice

The LW-K400 now offers a stunning 780 different symbols to suit any scenario, while there's a wide range of LK tapes available, including magnetic, heat resistant, glow in the dark, reflective, iron-on, and heat-shrink tube (HST). The LW-K400 also includes new satin ribbon templates and improved cable flag label designs.

Vitesse d'impression
180 x 180 DPI
6 mm/sec
9 mm
représentation / réalisation
1,8 cm
128 x 32 pixels
2,55 W
0,566 W
Poids et dimensions
110 mm
56 mm
170 mm
420 g
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