CARCOMM Mobile Pda Cradle For Fsc Pocketloox T810 / T830

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Mobile CARCOMM Mobile Pda Cradle For Fsc Pocketloox T810 / T830
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The main function of the Mobile PDA Cradle is to power and charge your PDA while your on the move, and hold it securely into it’s position.

  • The Mobile PDA Cradle uses the original manufacturers cradle connector. By using this original cradle connector and by the perfect fit to the PDA, the PDA is protected in the best way possible.
  • Integrated inside the Mobile PDA Cradle, not in the cigarette lighter plug, is a high efficiency charging system which is only four square cm large.
  • The Mobile PDA Cradle has a single cable output which splits into a cigarette lighter plug which supplies the 12V/24V power to the Mobile PDA Cradle, and a PS/2 Female connector so you are able to connect for example a Bluetooth GPS Receiver Plug&Play. 
  • Standard this kit comes with an extra fuse cable to hard wire the Mobile PDA Cradle in your vehicle, 2 screwsets, a rotating swivel and a windowmount with suctioncup, to mount the cradle on the dashboard or on the windscreen of your vehicle.
Key Features
  • slim design
  • original PDA cradle connector
  • perfect fit to the PDA
  • dashboard color
  • single cable output from the cradle
  • high efficiency charging system
  • prepared for permanent installation
  • ready to connect a GPS Receiver
  • e4 approved
  • registered model design, patent pending


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