IMC NETWORKS CORP. Access Etherlinx Media Converter 100btx/4 To 100bfx 1300nm Multimode Sc 2km

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Access IMC NETWORKS CORP. Access Etherlinx Media Converter 100btx/4 To 100bfx 1300nm Multimode Sc 2km
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Access EtherLinX/4 enables service providers to offer differentiated, bandwidth-scalable data or "Transparent LAN" services to multi-tenant buildings and business customers. Residing at the customer premises, Access EtherLinX provides a VLAN-based Layer 2 entry point to the last mile fiber network, trunking, differentiating and separating customer traffic.
Access EtherLinX is the price/performance market leader, and offers a host of capabilities unique to an Ethernet-based CPE. The compact unit features SNMP management, bandwidth control, VLAN tagging, traffic prioritization and IGMP multicast snooping; it is an ideal solution for delivering Ethernet-based services to business customers more cost-effectively than ever.
Access EtherLinX is available with three WAN uplink configurations - 100Base-FX multi-mode or single-mode fiber, and 100Base-TX - to fit a wide range of service provider applications. Access EtherLinX can be remotely managed from the Network Operating Center; now, enabling and disabling services, device configuration and upgrades, controlling individual customer bandwidth and traffic priority can be done without costly visits to customer sites.

  • Network Interfaces and Status Indicators
    1 WAN uplink:
    • 100Base-FX 1300MM or 1310SM or 1550SM, or
    • 10/100Base-TX Twisted Pair
    • 4 10/100 Ethernet LAN ports
  • Status LEDs
    • Power, LNK/ACT, FDX/COL
  • Switch Specifications
    • Layer 2 packet switching, store-and-forward operation
    • Bi-directional bandwidth control in 32 Kbps increments
    • 1,024 MAC address table
    • Automatic MDI/MID-X for plug-and-play operation
    • Link speed selection via SNMP (10, 100 or 10/100 Auto-negotiate, selective advertising)
    • IGMP v1/v2 multicast support
    • Back pressure and IEEE 802.3x compliant flow control
    • Supports over-sized packets up to 1536 bytes
    • Full range of VLAN IDs (1-4,094)
    • QoS 802.1p-based packet prioritization (2 queues [high/low] with 8 levels of prioritization)
  • Configuration and Management
    • SNMP managed via uplink port only for operational security
    • iView² or popular Network Management Systems, such as HP OpenView
    • Easy installation and configuration with iView², DHCP or Telnet via serial interface
    • Assign IP address, subnet mask, default gateway
    • Community strings, assign access rights, password protection, configure traps and more
    • Features FiberAlert for proactive fault management on loss of one fiber strand
    • Remote firmware upgrade
    • MIB-II, RFC 1213 & RFC 1642
    • IMC Networks MIB
  • Standards and Protocols
    • Supports IEEE 802.3 Ethernet and Fast Ethernet, 802.1q and 802.1p standards
    • SNMP
    • Telnet
    • IGMP Multicast Pruning v1/v2
    • TFTP

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  • Part Number : 52-13122
  • Product Description :Access EtherLinX, TX/4 + FX MM1300-SC


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