SPRINGCARD Prox'n'roll Pc/sc Rfid Writer/reader

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Prox'n'roll SPRINGCARD Prox'n'roll Pc/sc Rfid Writer/reader
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The Prox'N'Roll HSP PC/SC from SpringCard is a 13.56 MHz reader/encoder for contactless smart cards compliant with the PC/SC standard .
It reads and writes to many tags and smart cards, but also to smartphones. It works with any PC/SC software , making software integration and application development particularly simple.
The ProxNRoll reader is powered directly by the USB port of the computer where it is connected. The USB cable is included with the player.
The Prox'N'Roll is a non-slip desktop reader that can be used in many areas (restaurant cards, ski passes, loyalty cards, cashless, etc.). It is not recommended to use it on a metal support.

  • We can read and write data from most contactless cards (MIFARE NXP, NFC, ICODE, DESFIRE) and RFID products. The reader can also read on smartphones.