YOCTOPUCE Micro-USB-hub-v2 Extensions And Networking

Redcorp# T4002113 Article# MHUB0002
Redcorp# T4002113 Article# MHUB0002
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Micro-USB-hub-v2 YOCTOPUCE Micro-USB-hub-v2 Extensions And Networking
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This device is a USB 2.0 hub . This is a multi-TT hub: it will perform better than a regular single-TT hub when several USB 1.1 devices are connected to it. It is tiny (42x28mm) and its size can even be cut down to 36x20mm, most probably one of the smallest you can find. It is designed for DIY applications, for those who want to connect several USB devices in a tiny space. This hub does not have connectors for slave USB devices, but solder pads: you will be able to solder wires directly on it. Yoctopuce modules can be fixed on it using screws and spacers. This hub also supports external power supply, and will automatically switch from usb power to external power when available.

Width 28 mm
Length 42 mm
USB connector micro-B
RoHS Yes
Chipset Microchip USB2514BI (USB 2.0)


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