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MICROSOFT PRESS Sql Server 2000 Reference Library

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Redcorp# 17883184 Article# 0735612803
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Sql MICROSOFT PRESS Sql Server 2000 Reference Library
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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 dramatically reduces the time needed to bring the most powerful e-commerce, data warehousing, and line-of-business applications to market. MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2000 REFERENCE LIBRARY provides the ideal set of reference materials for SQL Server-direct from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Books Online. This well-conceived, intelligently indexed six-volume set sensibly organizes and condenses the vast sea of available SQL Server technical reference information. It contains carefully selected documentation for SQL Server 2000, including expert information, tips on how to improve performance, a comprehensive glossary of SQL terms, and a complete statement index. This essential reference collection includes these six volumes: SQL SERVER 2000 ARCHITECTURE AND XML/INTERNET SUPPORT This volume describes the SQL Server 2000 feature set and provides a detailed analysis of the SQL Server 2000 architecture. It explains where SQL Server fits in the Microsoft server family, describes its administration and development tools, and explains features that simplify data warehousing, online analytical processing (OLAP), and data mining. You'll also learn about the support in SQL Server 2000 for Extensible Markup Language (XML) and other Internet technologies and standards, plus how to retrieve and write XML data, access SQL Server using HTTP, use XPath queries, use SQL Server with Internet Information Services, and more. This volume also contains a comprehensive glossary of SQL Server terms. DATABASE CREATION, WAREHOUSING, AND OPTIMIZATION This volume focuses on how to create and maintain databases, create data warehouses, and optimize SQL Server 2000. It gives you definitive documentation about SQL Server 2000 databases, tables, indexes, views, stored procedures, triggers, user-defined functions, and full-text indexes. It also details the parts of a data warehouse and documents how to create and maintain one. It then describes how to enhance database performance through efficient database and application design, query tuning, and optimizing tool, utility, and server performance. ANALYSIS SERVICES This volume provides an overview and details about SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services (formerly known as OLAP), including what's new in Analysis Services in SQL Server 2000 and how to install those services. It describes the Analysis Services architecture in SQL Server 2000, provides details on data warehousing, data mining and OLAP, and gives you comprehensive information on how to administer Analysis Services (complete with an administrator's reference), multidimensional expressions (MDX), and related decision tools. REPLICATION AND ENGLISH QUERY This volume is the essential one-stop resource on replication services in SQL Server 2000. It includes everything you need to know to plan for and implement replication, and it offers complete information about replication types, tools, and options, data considerations, heterogeneous data sources, security, administering and monitoring replication, enhancing replication performance, and backing up and restoring replicated databases. This volume also discusses the revolutionary English-language query services in SQL Server 2000. It provides an English Query overview and fundamentals, discusses how to develop and deploy English Query applications, describes how to use analysis services with English Query, and shows how to perform common English Query tasks. It also includes an English Query object model reference. T-SQL LANGUAGE REFERENCE Transact SQL (T-SQL) is central to Microsoft SQL Server, since all applications that communicate with SQL server, regardless of their interface, do so by sending T-SQL statements to the server. This volume provides essential programmatic information about the T-SQL language. It includes a T-SQL overview, a complete T-SQL reference, and extensive details about what's new and enhanced in the language in SQL Server 2000. It also gives you comprehensive information about T-SQL data types, operators, reserved keywords, globals, functions, and DBCC statements. A complete T-SQL statement index is also included, along with two sample databases. T-SQL STORED PROCEDURES AND TABLES REFERENCE You can perform many routine administrative and information activities in Microsoft SQL Server by using stored procedures that manage Active Directory services, data dictionary functions, core maintenance tasks, replication, full-text searching, log shipping, security, system maintenance, Web Assistant tasks, XML text management, the SQL Profiler and SQL Server Agent, and more. This volume gives you vital programmatic information about how to use these new and enhanced stored procedures in SQL Server 2000.


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