IBM Ultrium Lto Tape Cartridge 400/800GB With Label

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Ultrium IBM Ultrium Lto Tape Cartridge 400/800GB With Label
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With the IBM TotalStorage® LTO Ultrium 400 GB Data Cartridge, IBM continues to focus on providing high quality, high-reliability tape technology for your business. The cartridges are part of a long line of IBM data cartridges designed to improve data integrity for organizations around the world.

The cartridges have been optimized and tested extensively for use in IBM LTO tape drives and libraries to help maximize performance, minimize data loss and improve data longevity. They are designed to withstand rigors of normal use in stand-alone and automated environments. Each cartridge is embedded with an LTO Cartridge Memory (LTO-CM) chip which is designed to enable fast, simultaneous transfer of cartridge-dependent data with tape drives during media load and unload cycles. The gray cartridge color helps distinguish it from previous generations of IBM LTO Ultrium Media.

The IBM TotalStorage LTO Ultrium 400 GB Data Cartridge can be used in products featuring LTO Gen3 tape technology. As your storage needs grow, your data cartridge can continue providing value to help maximize your investment.

représentation / réalisation
Type de produit Blank data tape
Capacité d'origine 400 Go
Type de bande magnétique LTO
Capacité (avec compression) 800 Go
Systèmes d'exploitation compatibles Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows Server 2003; Sun Solaris 8, 9; HP-UX 11.0, 11; Linux Red Hat Enterprise Server 3, SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 8; AIX 5L 5.1, 5.2, 5.3; Novell Netware
Autres caractéristiques
Capacité totale de stockage 400 Go


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