Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Data Cartridge LTO7 Ultrium 15 TB RW Custom Lab Library 20pk

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Data Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Data Cartridge LTO7 Ultrium 15 TB RW Custom Lab Library 20pk
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With HP Custom Labeled Media, you no longer have to label your own cartridges, saving you time and the risk of retrieval errors. For no extra charge, cartridges can be supplied with barcode labels bearing your own specified sequences.

HP rigorously tests its precision-engineered, high-resolution barcode labels using software unique to the HP Automation Group to evaluate and warrant the performance of its labels. These labels are professionally applied in a clean environment to ensure 100% readability accurate storage and retrieval in busy, automated tape libraries.

Custom labeled cartridges ensure 100% label readability and can be ordered online in packs of 20. For those customers who value the added security that RFID adds, customers have the option to integrate it into each label at minimal cost.

The RFID tag is embedded into the back of the customized label and offers tracking, audit and security advantages for those with IT asset tracking systems.

représentation / réalisation
Type de produit Blank data tape
Type de bande magnétique LTO
Capacité (avec compression) 15000 Go
Durée de vie de la bande magnétique 30 année(s)
Nombre de tracés 3584
Couleur du produit Bleu
Transmition des données
Taux de transfert 700 Mo/s
Conditions environnementales
Température d'opération 10 - 45 °C
Humidité relative de fonctionnement (H-H) 10 - 80%
Taux d'humidité relative (stockage) 20 - 60%
Poids et dimensions
Taille de la bande magnétique 1,27 cm
Longueur de la bande 960 m
Épaisseur de la bande 5,6 µm
Largeur 273 mm
Profondeur 152 mm
Hauteur 330 mm
Poids 6,2 kg


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