LEXMARK English Keyboard Kit (holder + Int. English Keyboard) (57x7000)

Redcorp# 0862F952 Article# 57X7000
Redcorp# 0862F952 Article# 57X7000
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English LEXMARK English Keyboard Kit (holder + Int. English Keyboard) (57x7000)
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LEXMARK 57X7000 Designed for exact compatibility with LEXMARK product, LEXMARK accessories ensure maximum performance, longevity and ultimate cost-effectiveness. LEXMARK accessories are an integral part of the fundamental design of its printer and fax products, combining with other key elements of their design to deliver optimum durability, reliability and print quality.

Lecteur d'empreinte digitale No
Disposition QWERTY
Clavier numérique No
Langue English
Connexion USB
Souris incluse No
Rétro-éclairage No
Couleur Aluminium, Black


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