HAMA Safe Air Quality Measuring Device Co² Temperature, Humidity Measurement Moq:1

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Safe HAMA Safe Air Quality Measuring Device Co² Temperature, Humidity Measurement Moq:1
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The air measuring device helps you live a healthy life. Alongside CO2 in the room air, the CO2 measuring device also measures the ambient humidity and temperature. This helps you find the right balance between ventilating and heating for a healthy room environment and your wellbeing.

  • Precise and reliable: CO2 measurement with NDIR sensor and readings in ppm
  • The traffic light indicator is easy to interpret, so you know at a glance what the air quality in your rooms is like
  • Battery power and compact dimensions enable the air measuring device to be used in different rooms
  • Compact air quality measuring device for evaluating the concentration of carbon dioxide CO², incl. temperature and ambient humidity display
  • Suitable for indoors (e.g. living room, bedroom, children's room and office)
  • CO² air quality display with the following fields: GOOD (green field = good air quality), NORMAL (yellow field = normal air quality) and POOR (red field = poor air quality)
  • Stores the minimum and maximum measured values of the CO² concentration, temperature and ambient humidity
  • An alarm sounds from a CO² content of 2000 ppm: an excessively high carbon dioxide value can cause concentration problems, headache and fatigue: the air quality measuring device also issues a audible warning if values are too high and reminds you to ventilate the room
  • Temperature indicator can be switched between degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit
  • Display of the ambient humidity in per cent
  • The rechargeable battery allows the device to be operated for up to 3.5 hours without a power supply
  • Battery status bar in 4 bars
Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)  
Colour Black
Product Division Home & Living
Electrospecific Properties  
Display Area CO 2 400 to 5000 ppm
Measurement Error CO 2 +/- 50 ppm
Sensor Type NDIR (Infra Rot)
Physical Properties  
Additional Functions CO2 Alarm Sound, CO2 Traffic Light, Calibration, Preheating Sensor
Air Humidity Measuring Range 20% to 95%
Display CO2 in ppm/Humidity in %/Max/Min CO2/State of Charge/Temperature in °C
Humidity Accuracy ±8%
Screen Type LED
Temperature Accuracy (Indoor and Outdoor) ±5?
Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C
Size & Weight  
Width x Depth x Height 7.5 x 3.5 x 7.5 cm
Charching Time 240 Min.
Max. Battery Runtime 210 Min.
Power Consumption 1000 mA
Power Supply 5V (Micro USB)


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